“If you don’t look at issues like family, community and spirituality as part of that healing process, then you’re only treating one part of the person,”Darryl Turpin, Co-Principal of Heat Time.


HEAT Time is a comprehensive uniquely innovative social justice consulting firm addressing pressing issues that impact our communities. As time ticks away, our institutions confront a myriad of heated problematic concerns. HEAT Time applies holistic, culturally relevant and responsive, strength-based models that emphasize positive and engaging approaches to healing individuals, families and communities.


Darryl Turpin

Masters of Public Administration-
Kentucky State University
Currently a Co-Principal of Heat Time; Uniquely innovative social justice firm;


Guy Wheeler

Masters of Social Work (MSW), Mental Health Counseling/Counselor
Masters Certified Addiction Counselor
Criminal Justice Addiction Professional



Unlike traditional therapies, the nine-month intervention focuses on more than just the individual.Linda Ong; Ozark